Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pre-Easter Festivities

P.S. This is my first time adding pictures to a post, so I'm not quite sure how to do it...

Dying Easter Eggs inspired me to want to decorate a cake, so that was Saturday's adventure. We made Kyle join us. He said he was excited to help decorate it, but I'm not so sure...

I had a bit of a fiasco while mixing up the icing.

Kyle and Hailey act like brother and sister sometimes.

"Do you know what a swirly is Hailey? Do ya??"

We got a little tired of decorating it after about two hours, so we decided not to frost the whole thing...

The finished product!  I think this is how Kyle honestly felt about us making him decorate a cake with us.

 But it was still fun!

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  1. Heather! Rob and I are decorating easter eggs tonight! Or maybe tomorrow. But probably tonight because I can't wait, and now seeing your easter eggs made me more excited! Miss you!