Sunday, June 24, 2012

A New Beginning?

Well, the good news is, I found a job! I start on Tuesday! Yay! At a restaurant/bakery place called Apple Spice, over in Logan. Not exactly the ideal job, but hey, it's a job, which is more than I've had since I got home. It'll be nice once I move over to Logan in August because I should be able to keep that job once school starts.

Speaking of school starting... I've decided it cannot come fast enough! I'm ready for a new beginning. I mean, being home is great and all, but there's not really anyone around... So that makes for not much of a social life. But I've loved hanging out with my sisters! (Bec and I are going to have a blast living together in Logan!) But... Other than with my sisters, I don't get out much... So at least now I'll have a job- that will give me something to do at least a few days a week! And then time will go faster and soon enough it will be August and the new beginning will start!

Here are some pictures of my summer so far:

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Becca giving Dad a Birthday "Choke-hug"

We accidentally matched one day!

Snow cones!

I made this awesome Jello for Father's Day. Yes, it took me all day.

I got to babysit these cute girls the other night! We had a girl's night at my Grandma's and watched Tangled!

I went with Becca to Pyper and Dakota's wedding in Salt Lake. So cute!


  1. I love the Choke-Hug!!!! It will always remind me of waiting for you at the airport :) And I'm also glad you got a new job, it will be tons of fun <3

  2. That bakery is cool!

    Keep it up Heathernay, school is just around the corner!